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‘Distrust’: A Cool Horror Game on the Horizon

Horror fans are a versatile bunch; we don’t just sit around watching horror movies all day–we play horror games, too. Here is a promising game coming soon:


distrust game 2

Distrust is heavily influenced by John Carpenter’s The Thing. A group of people are stranded in the Arctic with no clue which of them is a dangerous alien predator–if any.

Synopsis: “They were on a routine rescue mission when a helicopter crash left them stranded near an abandoned Arctic base. As the survivors try to find a way back, they begin to experience strange symptoms: the longer they stay awake, the more twisted their perceptions of reality become. Then they learn the real nightmare begins when they fall asleep…

  • Help the survivors escape the abandoned base. Strike a balance between exhaustion and falling into a sleep from which the explorers may never awake.
  • Be aware of how each character is perceiving reality. Swap between survivors to observe, compare and analyze.
  • Decide what’s real, even as you understand you can no longer trust your senses. Remember: what you see is no longer what you get!” (Source:

Besides all that, you get 15 unique playable characters and randomly generated levels! It will be released on Steam on August 23. You can access a demo here:


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