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The ‘Simple Creature’ Trailer Promises a Unique Spin on the Frankenstein Story

Simple Creature

We’re on the cusp of seeing what could be an insanely cool contemporary spin on James Whale’s timeless classic, Frankenstein. Indican Pictures will be sending Simple Creature home this summer, and if the trailer is any indicator of the quality of the film, we’re in store for something innovative and awesome.

Andrew Finnigan writes and directs.

Simple Creature stars Carollani Sandberg, D’Angelo Madili, Russell Hodgkinson, Alycia Delmore, Tony Doupé and Hans Altwies.

Look for the film to hit DVD and VOD on July 25th.

Take a peek at the trailer below:


Techie college student, Em (Carollani Sandberg) heads home for holiday break, blissfully thinking about her new boyfriend is on the way. However, her life is put on hold when the bus she is taking crashes, nearly killing her. Em’s father, Roy (Tony Doupe) is grief stricken. He is also the head of an advanced genetics, nanotech, and robotics lab. Here, he is able to bring her back to normal, with additional technology-enhanced abilities. While Em struggles to find her humanity after being upgraded, Roy’s lab struggles to control their most successful experiment.

Simple Creature Poster

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