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It’s Time to Help ‘She Sees Beyond’ Come to Life

We’re always game to support promising crowd funded projects. We’ve seen awesome films come to life thanks to outlets like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, and frankly, I think it’s not only a great way to get a film made, it’s also a fine way to begin building a relationship between fan and artist. Knowing my position, it shouldn’t surprise you knowing it’s time to support another new production: She Sees Beyond, a brief series with a cool concept.

Check out some valuable info below, and drop a few coins on the indiegogo!

After three years in development, the 8-episode series “She Sees Beyond”, inspired in equal parts by The X-Files, The Twilight Zone, and 80’s horror films, is ready to begin production. We are looking to raise enough funds to realize our creative vision while simultaneously compensating the dozens of cast and crew members who will be providing their time and expertise to take the series to completion. Join us, and see beyond for yourself!


Between 1982-85, there was a rash of killings in the small Pacific Northwest town of Pemburrough. In total nine children lost their lives to whom the media would dub The Groom Lake Killer. As suddenly as they began, they ended. Now, over thirty years later, the killings have started up again. This time, it’s not children, but drifters who have shown up dead. But the kids aren’t alright — they’re being kidnapped, and when they’re found again they’re different. Something odd is happening in Pemburrough.

Pemburrough is known for something else: it is the home of reclusive horror author Samuel Clarke. His daughter, Lianne Clarke, is in her final year of high school. Until yesterday, her biggest concern was what college to apply for and where to go with her boyfriend on Friday night. She will come to long for yesterday.

Upon awakening from a car crash, Lianne realizes that she has gained abilities that wouldn’t be out of place in one of her dad’s books. Things move around her of their own volition. She can hear people’s thoughts. And she can see things, things that other people can’t. Who are these mysterious men in black? Who is the grinning man who is looking into people’s windows — into children’s windows? And why does her father no longer look like her father?

Detective Dale Crenshaw is called in from the neighbouring city of Augustine, to head up the homicide investigation. He realizes that things aren’t what they seem to be in Pemburrough. Spiraling into paranoia, he becomes obsessed with finding out the truth of the town’s past.

What does Crenshaw find? He discovers that the past never stays in the past and that terror does not die.

What does Lianne see? She sees things she cannot explain. She sees horrors beyond our world.

She sees beyond.

You can see it, too — if you’ve got the guts.

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