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How in the World Are They Going to Include These 5 HORRIFIC Scenes from Stephen King’s Novel ‘It’?

The Losers Club

Stephen King’s tremendously popular novel, It, has long been a fan-favorite. It’s harsh and unforgiving. It pulls not a single punch… and killing kids? No sweat off of Pennywise’s sack. But there are a few scenes so horrendously graphic one must wonder: will Andy Muschietti opt to omit these scenes altogether, or will he find a classy manner in which these crucial moments can hold a place in the film without offending everyone and their mothers?

Bill and Richie Outrun a Werewolf

Okay, sidenote: This scene isn’t all that horrific, but it has stuck with me for years, so it gets a nod!

In the novel, as well – in part… kind of – as in the 1990 made-for-television film, Bill runs into some hairy trouble, and only Richie is handy to save him. Some of Bill’s (and Richie’s) fears come to life, as a werewolf seizes the Bill while he’s trapped in the cellar in the house on Neibolt Street. The two manage to escape, but this is one of the most atmospheric and nerve wracking moments in the book, and we’re hoping it makes it into the film!

The Death of Patrick Hocksetter

Assuming all the “missing” posters with Patrick Hocksetter’s ugly mug on them certainly give us the impression that this tough guy is going to bite the big one, and probably in a nasty way. But, will his onscreen death mirror his death in the book? Given the fact that he meets his demise by some nasty leech-like critters with wings and an unwavering desire to bite and infect its victims, we’re hoping so.

A Quest for Spiritual Answers

Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

In the novel the Losers’ Club decide that they’re going to experiment a little, using ancient books and their often absurd remedies in order to try and figure out just what the hell Pennywise, or the thing that takes the form of Pennywise is. They build a smoke hole and decide to hotbox the hell out of it because that’s what Indians once did to seek answers and clarity. Well, it’s a cool scene with a quiet innuendo, and it damn near gets Mike and Richie dead.

Here’s a tidbit from the novel:

They had gone plunging around in the smoky clubhouse, panicked, scared that if they didn’t act quickly the two boys might die of smoke poisoning. At last Bill had gripped a hand — Richie’s. He had given “a huh-huh-hell of a yuh-yank” and Richie had come flying out of the gloom, only about one-quarter conscious.

Bullies Giving Hand Jobs

Now I don’t want to see this scene exactly as it’s described in the book. I think I’d like a much-watered down version of that… maybe just some unwarranted flirtation…

But, I’m getting beyond the scene in which I’m referencing, the scene in which Henry Bowers, uber tough leader of the Bowers Gang finds himself receiving a hand-job from his good buddy Patrick, who soon offers to go full oral on the leader of the bunch. That prompts an appropriate smacking from Henry. But really, Henry, you let him go that far!

Again, I’m not certain of how this scene could work onscreen. It would take a ton of cutting and a ton of clever suggestions, but just imagine how uncomfortable a scene like that would leave audiences!

Umm… Teenage Orgy… Say What?

Hands down the most shocking moment in King’s novel comes when the Losers’ Club are entangled in a war with It, down in the sewers. As this monster slowly begins turning each survivor against each other, Beverly has the idea that only happiness, only positivity can defeat this creature. So what’s her grand plan to ensure the Losers’ Club remains in high spirits in order to kill the monster? Lay down and let her pre-and teenage buddies all run a train on her. That’s right – the answer to this horrendous monster is an illegal gang bang.

So again, I ponder, how can a scene like this be pulled off. We know what we’re not going to see, but will see some far less tacky and repulsive method of Beverly’s plan? Maybe they all make out and all is well? Or… maybe they just find a completely different way to defeat It and avoid deserved outrage.

If I’m not painting that visual well enough for you, I’ve tracked down another passage or so…. Which should turn your stomach:

Mike comes to her, then Richie, and the act is repeated. Now she feels some pleasure, dim heat in her childish unmatured sex, and she closes her eyes as Stan comes to her and she thinks of the birds.


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