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Let’s Get Creepy and Watch 5 ACTUAL Found Footage Videos

Real Found Footage

These days it’s always hard to pinpoint the real from the fake. Since Ed Sanchez stylized the found footage film with The Blair Witch Project, filmmakers and youngsters are looking to break into the business utilizing the same method. That makes weeding through the fake to get to the real a challenging endeavor. But, we like to read and we like to research, so that helps us out, especially in some of these cases.

With the exception of the first video clip you’ll see in this collection of “real found footage” tapes, each story can indeed be confirmed… which really makes watching these little videos all the eerier. The final segment, centered on Bjork’s infamous stalker, Ricardo López, certainly ranks among the most unsettling portions contained in this collection.

Turn the lights down low and enjoy some very real found footage horror!

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