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Select Filmmakers Take Joy in Defecating on Bloggers?

The middle finger.

Let me start this piece by saying that there is an amazing amount of open, welcoming filmmakers (who contribute to all genres, not just horror) out there that are really in touch with their fanbases. They interact with their fans on social media, they interact through email, some are even happy to chat on the phone when time permits. And those guys are always happy to see websites cover their work, and rarely hesitate to share articles with their fans, directly.

I understand that the majority of guys plugging away, constantly working on some new form of entertainment for our – the fans – benefit, generally appreciate all the support they’re given. I think that’s a lot closer to typical than atypical, but unfortunately, there are a few filmmakers out there that can be less than appreciative, and when put on the spot, far from gracious.

The last two weeks proved that there are a few genre specialists out there that seem to hold something against “unemployed ‘writers’ who couldn’t hack it as professional journalists,” and “kids who don’t have a f*cking clue what they’re talking about.”

I say that, because those are both literal quotes – one of which can be found in print (it’s probably online by this point) and the other can likely be unearthed by the savvy google users out there without too much difficulty.

No matter how you look at statements of that nature, and no matter what the context may be, it’s a little disappointing to read stuff like that from creators that you admire.

The fact that a lot of us in this little field run very successful sites that garner hundreds of thousands of monthly views (we’re almost there, but don’t quite squeeze into that realm just yet – give us a few more months!), and a lot of us are dedicated to keeping up with and delivering valid and legit news, reviews and interviews on a frequent basis because we – first and foremost – have a genuine love of the genre, doesn’t matter. None of that matters, because, apparently, we don’t matter. We’re just scrubs… who adore and support horror tirelessly.

I still respect the hard work of the men who made those comments, and I still love the dedication to their craft, but if I’m being entirely honest, in the future, it won’t necessarily be easy respecting someone that hasn’t a shred of respect or gratitude to those who constantly dump their money, time, heart and support into this genre.

Now, I’m not going to tell you what two filmmakers made those statements. The wiz kids will eventually discover (and likely expose) them. I’m not out to figuratively relieve myself on them and their accomplishments in specific, either, as they’re apparently prepared to do to the little people of the world.

Whether you’re revealing yourself as an absolute prick, or not, I still love this genre, and I still don’t want to see another man fail. I find no joy in publicly demeaning someone who goes out of their way to contribute, in any way, to the horror genre. It just doesn’t make me feel any better about myself.

Make no mistake, I’ve lashed out on more than a single occasion over the last 11 years. We all get fed up with some things sometimes, whether we’re in the right, or not. That happens. Sometimes we get emotional, and say things we don’t mean. Perhaps that’s the case here.

Or perhaps there are a few very talented guys out there that just don’t realize a few hundred heavily trafficked blogs can lead to a whole lot of ticket sales and additional word-of-mouth promotion. Maybe they’ve made their judgement, and having deemed all these bloggers as uneducated and apparently irrelevant, simply don’t give a damn. Whatever the case, it’s these guys, the Negative Nancy’s of the cinematic world that make us love the down-to-earth, gracious filmmakers who continue to give us amazing content, and continue to appreciate the support their fans are quick to offer.

BTW, here’s an awesome Uwe Boll rant that has nothing to do with this article… it’s just awesome.

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