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‘The Collector’ and ‘The Collection’ Will Become a Trilogy and Arkin is Back!

The first two Collector films were awesome. Quirky, intelligent and strangely outlandish, they completely entertained, featured all kinds of awesome gore and introduced the world to one kick ass hero, rebel turned man on a mission to get it right, Arkin. That villainous mask that the nasty Collector wore was also awfully unsettling, I should note.

While it was a joy seeing two of those films, it’s an even greater joy to announce plans for a third Collector picture!

Who doesn’t love a twisted trilogy?

Bucky S. over at HorrorScifiandMore recently attended Monster Mania, a convention out in New Jersey, and was fortunate enough to hurl a couple questions at Josh Stewart, also known as the ultra-bad ass Arkin who’s now escaped the clutches of The Collector on more than a single occasion.

But could Arkin escape the pressing question: Will we see a third film in the ongoing Collector series?

Here’s what Bucky has to say!

But once he got talking about things he let leak that the Collector series was going to become a trilogy now. As a third film has been commissioned by LD Entertainment. Now when we pressed for some details all he could say is that its in the scripting stages as of right now but he has been contacted to reprise his role of Arkin O’Brien, the character who went through hell and back to save a little girl from the Collector even though he was trying to rob her family blind only to be tossed into a box at the end of the film to escape from the Collector in The Collection but again getting abducted and forced to help a wealthy man get his daughter back after she is taken by the Collector. Now if you saw the Collection we are left with an open ending not knowing what happened to the Collector after Arkin got to him.

More when we learn of it!

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13 Comments on ‘The Collector’ and ‘The Collection’ Will Become a Trilogy and Arkin is Back!

  1. Please keep making The Collector films. I saw the first two at the theater and was worth it. Audience came out of the theater saying “scary”. I also bought the dvds. Good story. So keep making the films, so I can die happy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Please.make collected I need to know what them


  3. plz plz plz make trilogy


  4. beckywiththegoodhair // August 7, 2016 at 12:00 am // Reply

    I’m so ready for the collected pleaseeeeeeeee oan I have the collection dvd ♡♡♡♡ 😉 🙂


  5. So, instead of going to the movies on xmas, I had a group of family and friends watch the first two at home and they loved it. Clapped at the end as if we were in the theater and everything!
    So please! We made it a date to make it an open movie night!!


  6. Ashish Gavali // January 6, 2017 at 1:14 pm // Reply

    It ranks up there with the Cube Trilogy. Can’t wait for The Collection Trilogy set. Awesome concept.


  7. Great movie but Arkin come on make a 3rf it was one of the best horror thriller action good on yah and hurry up


  8. make a 3rd movie pleassssssseeeeeee
    we really need a 3rd one >> we need it in 2017 pleasee


  9. I have The Collector, The Collection on DVD, but we want to see THE COLLECTED, the third film


  10. Please, make the third movie


  11. We’ve been waiting for many years for the third movie The Collected


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