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Top 5 Goriest Horror Movies

Written by: Wesley Thomas

If you’re anything like me you love a bit of gore in your horror flicks. What would a horror film be without a bit of blood and guts. But some movies go above and beyond to make us feel nauseous at the graphic special effects and/or realistic props. So here is a quick run-down of the goriest horror movies.

Firstly I will start with the most obvious, the Saw franchise. The series’ foundation is built on mutilation. With a man who sets in motion complex traps that people can either try and escape, or die in, dependent on how badly they want to live. But these victims aren’t innocent, they have been chosen as they are abusing their lives, and ‘Jigsaw’, the villain, happens to have cancer, and his final wish is to get these selfish people who are taking their existences for granted, to play a game to show how badly they want to be alive, and will hopefully change their ways, should they prevail.

This moves us onto another franchise which is equally gory, boasting a flesh-eating virus. In each movie we have a bunch of teens infected with this particular virus which causes the body to gradually break down. But what the movie is known for are the scenes of complete grossness! Of course, I am talking about Cabin Fever. A word of warning, do not eat whilst watching this one. Even the ultimate horror buffs will have trouble munching on snacks when a woman’s flesh peels off her legs whilst shaving.

But what’s gore without cannibalism? Wrong Turn features both bloody carnage and hillbilly cannibals. And guess what? This is another franchise, with six movies in the Wrong Turn series. I guess people like a bit of skin-chomping every once in a while.

The next selection may surprise you due to the harsh criticism the movie has received. Personally I enjoy a creature feature every so often, and dumb young ladies with big breasts usually come as standard in the sub-genre.

It lurks in the water, preying on humans, has sharp teeth, and travels in packs or more specifically ‘schools’. Guessed it yet? Piranha 3D! Now all the Piranha movies are undeniably grizzly in their scenes of death and bloodshed. But Piranha 3D really goes for it. The little fishies are merciless in their hunger, giving us plenty of cringe-worthy and vile moments, mixed in with a little bit of comedy for good measure.

Now when I say the words ‘Final Destination’ you don’t automatically think ‘gore’. But look back on each movie and the scenes of foretold deaths. In these movies death has a plan, if you avoid it, death will track you down and kill you in the original order you were destined to die. But whether it is tanning booth deaths, or having your head smashed by weights in a gym, this franchise really gives us some carnage. Hence why I had to add it to the list!

So there you have it, you sick bunch. Whichever movie you decide on from this selection, eat before. Because you will not want to eat during, or afterward.

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