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Wesley Thomas’ Top 10 Christmas Horror Movies

Written by: Wesley Thomas

I’ll be honest, I love Christmas. The food, the decorations, seeing family and friends, giving and receiving of gifts, the music, and even the cheesy Christmas movies. But as a horror addict, I still need my dose of horror. Whether it be blatant Christmas horror movies or horror movies set around Christmas, watching either of those really gets me in the festive spirit. Normally I struggle to find these types of movies and end up watching a basic horror, or a Christmas family flick. But not this year! I have compiled a list (which I myself will be using) for the run-up to Christmas. So I can get my Christmas jollies and also my horror fix. I hope you enjoy the list!

1) We are gonna start with my personal favourite ‘Black Christmas’. The gore, terror, and suspense in this is excellent, whether you choose the original or the remake, either are excellent. In this one a psycho decides to return to the home he was raised in on Christmas Eve. But now it is home to a bunch of helpless women as it has become a sorority house. He doesn’t like this very much and starts hacking the women to pieces, one by one.

2) Next ‘Silent Night’ is on the agenda. Simply put there is a killer dressed as Santa Claus, slaughtering innocent folk on Christmas Eve. The police desperately try and locate this murderer before there is nobody left in the remote town! A basic plot, but impressive movie. Get the gingerbread men and milk ready and add this to your Christmas horror movie night.

3) Moving on to ‘P2’. This is a little known horror flick that I loved. I first found this gem last year and adored it. I didn’t realize at the time, but it is set around Christmas! This one stars the insanely talented Wes Bentley and beautiful Rachel Nichols. Wes plays a psychopath who pursues a young woman in a parking garage on Christmas Eve. This is a highly suspenseful movie and wickedly enjoyable.

4) We’ve all heard of ‘Jack Frost’ haven’t we? The snowman? Kids build one every year? Well not this one. This snowman was once upon a time, a serial killer. But of course no one sees this adorable snowman as a threat until it butchers them and destroys their festive cheer.

5) Moving on we have an intriguing one ‘Rare exports: A Christmas Tale’. In the Korvatunturi mountains 486 metres deep is a Christmas secret. Now it has been found and forces people to believe in Santa Claus. This is one that stands out from the crowd. Great flick.

6) One should be wary of ‘The Children’. It’s a wonderful Christmas vacation full of holiday spirit and joy. That is, until the children begin to turn on their parents. That kind of kills the joy. Suspenseful, strange and enthralling.

7) The next one will make you think twice about going to the ‘ATM’ this year. A bunch of workers are enjoying a Christmas office party, drinking and dancing. Three of them, in need for cash, end up at an atm. Little do they know, this trip to collect some cash won’t be a quick one. A strange, threatening individual traps them inside. Again, a gem in horror, and perfect for the season. Breathless tension, and pretty remarkable how a movie set in one place can be so riveting.

8) ‘The Blackout’ has been a subject of controversy. Some viewers loving it, others hating it. Personally I enjoyed it, but it’s up for you to decide if it’s your kind of horror. How about I give you a brief description? It’s Christmas Eve and an entire city goes dark. Tenants of The Ravenwood appear to be stuck inside their building. Which wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for that pesky monster prowling the halls.

9) ‘A Christmas Horror Story’. Isn’t that title just perfect? Almost as if the producers knew I needed a Christmas themed horror movie. Anyway, this is a movie of several tales that are interconnected, all taking place on, you guessed it, Christmas Eve. A radio host guides us through a family that brings home more than a Christmas tree, a student documentary that takes an evil turn, a spirit that terrorizes and a Santa that slays the darkness. Another different one, starring William Shatner! Go on, add it to the list. If a bunch of spooky Crimbo tales doesn’t get us horror fans in the spirit, nothing will.

10) For the last suggestion, I am taking a risk here, because as I write this blog it isn’t out yet. But if the trailer is anything to go by, it looks superb. And it’s called ‘Krampus’. As I have no personal opinion yet, I will just give you an outline of the plot. A young boy has a bad Christmas, and summons a Christmas demon to terrify his family. Aww isn’t that festive? This one will be in theaters 4th December, so watch out.

Well there you have it guys. The perfect way to be enjoy the festivities, while still feeding the horror movie addict lurking inside. Have a great Christmas, and a happy new year!

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