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5 Freaky Space Flicks Like Alien


This is a tricky one, and if you’ve seen it, you know why. There’s a big reveal that throws the entire piece into a tailspin, but somehow it works rather well. The film is probably the closest it gets to Alien, as a few survivors find themselves ducking and hiding in many a chamber while attempting to avoid strange, aggressive alien creatures. The critics didn’t love this one, but it’s a thoroughly entertaining flick with some awesome action scenes, great performances from Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster, and impressive special effects.


Supernova’s a weird flick, but I’ll be damned if this morbid space adventure doesn’t get a thumbs up from me. It’s got plenty of flaws, make no mistake, but it also follows a beaten path while making it feel somewhat unique. Like Event Horizon we’ve got a ship responding to a distress call. And like Event Horizon, our likable crew would have been best served ignoring that beacon. Instead they pick up a survivor, but he’s not what he initially seems to be. Probably the weakest of the films on this list, Supernova still makes for fair entertainment.

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