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What We Want to See from ‘The Collector’ and ‘The Collection’ Sequel ‘Collector 3’


Months have passed since we heard any word on a third film in the Collector franchise. But make no mistake, fans want it, as The Collector has become one of today’s most recognizable villains. The first film was amazing, the second film was solid entertainment, and word has it a third picture is on the way.

How the gang will handle the story, given the manner in which The Collection ended, is a mystery but there are a few options to explore, and it won’t take the world’s sharpest screenwriter to put a solid, cohesive tale together.

As a serious fan of the franchise, I know what I’d love to see from The Collectables, or The Collected, The Collecting, The Collector 3 or, well, whatever the hell they choose to title the flick. Dig on a handful of ideas that could work wonders for the third installment of a heavily discussed and much-beloved series.


A Return to the Tight Confines of a Home

The Collection got away from its roots a bit by going too big and expansive. It was cool to get a look at The Collector’s lair, but The Collector was a decidedly more frightening film. One of the keys to the fear of the feature was its claustrophobic nature. There were so few options for Arkin, a man forced to constantly hide in random and risky spots. Of course, Arkin proved intelligent enough, and properly aware of his surroundings. At least enough to ultimately escape.

That was chilling. Knowing every turn of a corner might mean running into the masked menace pushed the tension level through the roof. There’s no doubt a similar idea could be explored while mining for new angles and revelations to add to the story.

More Creative Traps

Jigsaw 2.0, or The Collector, has got to keep his game tight. One of the problems that a lot of iconic slashers run into is dearth of creativity when it comes to the big money shots, or death scenes. A few sequels in and they either settle for watered down and repetitive kill sequences, or they simply quit trying to be inventive at all. Either way, that’s not something this franchise can afford to let happen.

Fans tune in for the repulsive death sequences and ingenious traps. If you take away that aspect of the film you lead an awesome franchise down a doomed path. Let’s hope for more ingenuity. Although I’ll openly admit, I’m hoping for a little less gore and a lot more tension… which we’ll discuss in a few moments.

Deeper Look into Arkin’s Past               

This is one of my few problems with the franchise, thus far. Arkin has a story. His past is obviously dark, and yet he’s a generally positive and always determined individual. His resourcefulness is nearly unrivaled. But we don’t know why, or how.

There were a few revealing moments in The Collector, but those subplots ultimately go neglected. I’m not happy about that, and if there’s a plan to keep Arkin alive through another sequel or two, it won’t hurt to give us more reason to care for the character. Arkin is already absurdly likable. Give us a reason to truly love the guy.

A Definitive Trilogy Ending

Because Arkin is the first man to ever escape The Collector, they have a connection of sorts. You could almost say they know each other, and that each man has something unique invested in their relationship. I’d love to see that relationship wrapped in decisive fashion.

We know that, to some degree it would appear the position of power met a point of exchange in The Collection. But it’s entirely possible that a mistake was made, and what we saw in the closing moments of The Collection (now I’m dangerously close to spoiling something good) weren’t quite as clear cut as they seemed.

That situation leaves room a true trilogy closer. If the film falters on a financial level we see a trilogy wrapped and a franchise done away with, no questions lingering. If the film thrives on the big screen, perhaps we see the birth of a copycat killer, or an irreversible break in Arkin’s personality. Whatever happens, it’s got to feel like the conclusion of an extended story.

A Bit Less Gore, a Lot More Tension

The great thing about this franchise is that it successfully frightens viewers without mandatory graphic gore. There are a few gruesome scenes between the inaugural pic and its follow-up, but they don’t necessarily enhance either film.

For the third, I’d love to see the filmmakers push the graphic moments a little bit deeper into the background (keep them existent!) while employing more of a Carpenter approach, in which every key scene lingers until our skin crawls. This is the perfect kind of story to go old school with filming tactics, and I hope that whoever helms the third installment, they care for the story and the dread more than the shock and the awe.

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4 Comments on What We Want to See from ‘The Collector’ and ‘The Collection’ Sequel ‘Collector 3’

  1. What is Arkin is caught torturing the Collector and both are sentenced to prison. After x months in prison, the Collector orchestrates a lock down where he claims control over the prison and people start dying in inventive ways. I think it’d be really interesting to see how the Collector would engineer weapons and traps using found objects in prison lol.


    • I think it would be tough to pull off without a VERY large budget, but at this point, I’m ready for anything the franchise gives me!


    • youre a special kind of stupid kid. collection failed bc of lack of REALISM. and you want that freak to do something no lone human has every done? take over a goddamn modern day prison? ROFL. you cuck amateur.


  2. What a good movie concept and a chilling part 1 & 2. My wife and I just come across the Collector & The Collection and watched them back to back but please tell me there will be a third movie to complete a very underrated Scarefest. The Collection isn’t quite as good as Collector but what a great job Josh Stewart turns in and how we are left with so many questions about both Arkin & The Collector himself. Please bring us as fans more and anyone who has not seen these 2 movies, do so promptly.


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