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Learn the Truth of Halloween in Awesome Documentary ‘Michael Myers: Absolute Evil’ Now

Michael Myers

I’m moments away from diving deep into Rick Gawel’s flick, Michael Myers: Absolute Evil. It’s a fan made documentary that sounds wildly intriguing and after just a few moments, looks to have some serious effort invested.

We may be a long way off from Halloween, but this spirited faux documentary is going to entertain you regardless of season. It gets a big recommendation from us, and you’ll likely see a review go live in the near future.

“Michael Myers: Absolute Evil” is a fan film in the style of a documentary treating the “Halloween” films from 1978 – 2002 as events that actually occurred.

Featuring interviews with survivors, Haddonfield residents, experts who have researched the Myers case, and investigators who have attempted to capture him as well as never before seen crime scene photos, “Michael Myers: Absolute Evil” is the first documentary to tell the story of the real life Boogeyman.


On Halloween night 1963, Michael Myers murdered his older sister Judith in cold blood. He was only six years old.

Michael spent the next fifteen years locked away at Smith’s Grove Sanitarium in a self-induced catatonic state. Only his psychiatrist, Dr. Samuel Loomis, was aware of the evil that lived inside that boy, an evil that patiently waited until October 30, 1978 to escape.

Michael Myers returned to Haddonfield, Illinois on Halloween in what has become known as the bloodiest homecoming in history.

He murdered four teenagers in his pursuit of his younger sister Laurie.


Michael Myers’ killing spree went from the streets of Haddonfield to the halls of Haddonfield Memorial Hospital where he murdered eight more people before finally being stopped in a surgery room explosion.

He spent the next ten years in a coma at Ridgemont Federal Sanitarium before, once again, escaping and returning to Haddonfield to claim more lives. His mysterious connection to Celtic mythology further fueled Dr. Loomis’ theory that Michael Myers was not just a man but, rather, pure evil personified.


The brutality of his murders and his ability to slip in and out of the shadows without detection coupled with several failed attempts to capture or kill him paved the way for Michael Myers to be viewed by some as a supernatural being, the Devil incarnate by others.

In the 1970s, a cult arose from a centuries old belief passed down by the ancient Druids that the Thorn constellation in the night sky would bring about the end of days. This cult would stop at nothing to try and harness Michael Myers’ power.

From this cult, a ruthless syndicate would be born with the mission of working alongside Michael to prepare for Satan’s rule over the world.

And hiding in the darkness, another killer stalked those who survived Michael’s previous murder sprees, a killer just as ruthless in her methodology as the man she idolized.


For the twenty four years that followed Michael Myers’ 1978 rampage, the town of Haddonfield was in a slow, steady decline. No longer the “Friendly Community,” Haddonfield had become notorious for being the birthplace of America’s most relentless serial killer.

Families left, business closed. Haddonfiled had become a true ghost town, haunted by its past and all of the victims Michael Myers claimed over the years.

In 2014, four amateur ghost hunters broke into what was left of Haddonfield Memorial Hospital to perform an investigation.

They were never seen alive again.

Their footage was recovered and leaked by a former F.B.I. agent in an attempt to warn the public that the government was covering up the whereabouts of Michael Myers and that nothing can stop Absolute Evil.

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