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‘Scream’ Season 2 Snags a Flawless Rating

Scream TV

Written by: Wesley Thomas

Well, what a season. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the second season. Sometimes a series can have an awesome pilot season and then tank rather quickly. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Scream‘s second season, for so many reasons.

We delve deeper into the characters, old and new. I particularly loved Emma’s (Willa Fitzgerald) clearly anxious state of mind when coming back to a place that was the stage for so much death and bloodshed. Her acting is sensational. We clearly feel her struggles of coping with PTSD. She obviously took a leaf from Neve Campbell’s portrayal of Sidney in the Scream movies, in regards to honestly portraying a tortured woman coming to the realization that the killer is back and it is all happening again.

Emma isn’t the only character that provides excellent entertainment. I was shocked by Brooke’s (played by Carlson Young) various meltdowns . In season 2 she deals with her fair share of trauma. Public breakdowns become a running theme for her. Bravo to Carlson! Brooke’s turmoil was excellently expressed.

Let’s not forget the talented Bex Taylor-Haus who plays Audrey. She is stuck in an undesirable situation, truly trapped and helpless. Her helplessness makes us love her more and truly feel bad for her. She made a mistake and feels incredibly guilty for that. Noah, as usual, eventually comes to the rescue. But, not in the way you’d think….

We have a collection of new characters that came into the second season, with Kiana Lede playing Zoe Vaughn. I adored Zoe. Her character was a fresh dose of boldness the show needed. However, in the spirit of honesty, I do have a problem with the character of Gustavo. Whether it was the actor who played him, or the character, I had trouble feeling anything for him: hate, love, or anything in-between. I was slightly irritated with him a few times but mainly indifferent. His character served no purpose in the season. I highly advise a new character to come in if a season 3 does happen.

Moving on, the plot thickens. The past isn’t the past anymore. History comes back to bite them in the ass!

They up the gore considerably. Blood, carnage, butchery. The killer or killers are merciless this time around.

We have to appreciate that Scream TV pays homage to classic horror movies. Episodes are named after well-known horror movies. Then, we have several scenes that have clearly been inspired by horror movies. One particular scene, involving Brooke, is clearly taken from a classic horror movie. Except they added more horror to this. I yelped with excitement at this scene, flashing to an iconic scene from a horror film, and how the Scream producers/creators had added their own brand of crazy to this iconic moment.

Let’s not forget what Scream TV is steadily becoming known for, its breath-taking cliffhangers! Every episode leaves you gasping for more. Fortunately, I watched this on Netflix and could binge watch the season. It proved impossible to have to stop due to obligations when they end every episode with a powerful, alluring climax that leaves a million questions but not one answer.

They may have taken inspiration from the horror culture, but Scream bursts with originality. From deaths, twists, character relationships, technology, and settings. They manage to simultaneously please the Scream fans, while satisfying all horror lovers. They add a lot more to this show than ‘whodunnit’.

Two exceptional new characters, including Keiran’s feisty aunt and sketchy cousin, who bring tension to the season. That’s all I will say of them…. excellent acting from Sean Grandillo who plays Eli.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for a third season. Despite the initial reservations horror fans had about the movie franchise being turned into a TV show, I think we can all agree this series is becoming rather epic.

Rating: 5/5

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