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‘Condemned’ is All Over the Place (Review)

Directed by: Eli Morgan Gesner

Cast: Dylan Penn, Ronen Rubinstein, Genevieve Hudson-Price

Condemned should carry a message for all who see it: Never squat. Bad things can easily happen when you’re shacking up in an abandoned (well, somewhat) apartment. Maya and Dante are about to learn this lesson for themselves.

Condemned is the kind of title that leaves a little mystery, especially if you haven’t tuned into any advance media. Taking this trip, for me, was a blind journey. Are we going to run into ghosts? Maybe vicious vandals? Or, perhaps a little possession action? Through the first act we’re left to wonder where we’re going, and that’s a good way to develop some anticipation, as long as there’s a delivery when all is said and done.

We see a villain or two introduced within the film, but I’ll admit that they aren’t the most intimidating of characters, and the Saw inspired man cave instills even less faith in the picture. But again, we’re still in the early goings, and there’s time to right a ship that sailed off course.

There’s plenty of drug use in the film, and the general look of the characters is taking on a generally grim and depressing junkie-like appearance. Now about a third of the way in, and the film feels extremely muddled, and it’s loaded with scenes that can only be called awkward.

Unfortunately, by the time the midway point of the film, things are only becoming stranger. So strangely flat, I might add, that it’s become a challenge, just struggling to maintain consciousness. There’s a lull here, and sketchy script to follow, and unless you’re hyped up on meth, you’ll probably fall asleep long before the credits roll.

I wanted to enjoy this film, but I can’t possibly enjoy a piece that I can’t begin to get into. I honestly don’t even know what the story is about.

Here’s my recommendation: Give Condemned a pass.

Rating: 1.5/5

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