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Eric Red Reminisces on the Paralyzing Flick ‘The Hitcher’ Which Was Released 31 Years Ago Today

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than three decades since Eric Red’s pulse pounding road-shocker tale, The Hitcher hit theaters. But it has. In fact, it was 31 years ago today that the film made its debut (was I really seven when I saw this? What the hell was my old man thinking?).

While the film wasn’t a blockbuster success out of the gate (it debuted in the eighth position at the box office), it quickly gained a major following, and when the flick hit VHS, it absolutely took off. And there’s good reason for that: it’s one of the most disconcerting films to crawl from the ’80s and it sports an absolutely horrifying finale that simply cannot be unseen… ever.

I reached out to Red to get a few of his thoughts on the film today, and like the picture’s hardcore fans, Red is still a rightfully proud papa of this terrifying picture!

My favorite scenes are the opening, the scene in the diner with the pennies on the eyes, and the infamous truck scene. Wouldn’t change a thing–the film fulfilled my fondest hopes for the script. Trivia: I have cameo as one of the two Highway Patrolmen who escort Rutger into prison bus at the end.

We’re with you, my friend. The Hitcher has an immovable place in history, and we’re eternally grateful for that twisted mind of yours!

Quick side note: Rutger Hauer is such a stud he’ll probably still be kicking ass in Heaven when the time comes!


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