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Read the Script for ‘Halloween Returns’ Right Now!

I think we were all a little curious about Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan’s script for Halloween Returns.

The two make an amazing professional duo, and they’ve given us a few real treats (The Neighbor, The Collector, Feast – the list goes on), so anticipating a stellar Halloween story from the two doesn’t seem like much of a stretch.

But, for whatever reason someone decided they weren’t crazy about the direction of Halloween Returns. And since Melton and Dunstan were attached, it seems like nothing more than chaos for the franchise.

Who’s really writing? Who’s really directing? Just how involved will John Carpenter be?

We can’t answer any of those questions, but we can offer you a chance to read the script that Melton and Dunstan wrote for Halloween Returns. It’s absolutely awesome, so you should check it out!

You read the script in its entirety right here!

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2 Comments on Read the Script for ‘Halloween Returns’ Right Now!

  1. A very good Story.
    Can you also put the 3d Halloween movie script?


  2. I am referring to the Rob Zombie film, Halloween 3D


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