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Yet Another ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Reboot Is in the Works

Robert Englund has made quite the career for himself as a horror god after becoming famous for playing Freddy Krueger. He’s moved on with his life (mostly), but yearning for new films in the franchise (or for making money off the franchise, natch) has provoked filmmakers to attempt yet another take on the gloved dream-stalker.

The 2010 attempt to revitalize the series was widely rebuffed by fans and critics.

englund sucks

And this guy

However, there is some positive buzz around this new effort. David Leslie Johnson (‘Orphan’, ‘The Conjuring 2’, ‘The Walking Dead’) has been snagged as the writer. He’s quite busy with ‘The Conjuring 3’, so fear not, we won’t be seeing this re-imagining for quite a while. Casting is also a long way off, but Kevin Bacon has expressed interest in the role on Twitter. No one can replace Robert Englund, but as least Bacon has some street cred in the horror genre. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see, and occupy our time with New Line Cinema’s ‘It’ and its upcoming sequel.

By Lois Kennedy


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  1. U just cant remake freddy it shld be a law in hollywood

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