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10 Reasons You Should Be Subscribing to Shudder!

Shudder has been gaining steam since its launch, and there’s a good reason for that: these guys deliver a tremendous selection of genre films. From old school giallo, to independent films, to franchise standards, to brutal slashers to Shudder exclusives.

It’s a great VOD service, and the price is beyond fair.

If you are already subscribed to Shudder, you know exactly what I’m talking about. However, if you’re not a member, and you’re contemplating joining, we’re going to highlight some excellent films that should inspire you to fork out a few bucks a month for a top-notch genre service.


Broadcasting through a makeshift network of discarded televisions, KUSO is a shifting series of vignettes tangled in the aftermath of Los Angeles’s worst earthquake nightmare. Travel between screens and aftershocks into the twisted lives of the survived. Blending nightmarish visions, animation and a shocking image of a distorted America, this is the daring debut and Sundance sensation from director Steve, aka renowned musician Flying Lotus. Delirious, provocative and darkly hilarious, KUSO is as verbose with macabre, music, melancholy and unimaginable imagery. You won’t believe your eyes, or your mind. A SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE.

The Silence

In Baran bo Odar’s mesmerizing German thriller, a young girl’s brutal murder reopens the case of another girl’s killing 23 years ago. Soon the people involved with that previous rape and murder – the investigator, the victim’s mother and an accomplice to the original crime – watch their worlds crumble as they are drawn deeper into a web of guilt, despair and uncertainty. Who is responsible for the two murders? The killer? Or the people who remained silent? Luminously shot and brilliantly directed, THE SILENCE announces Baran bo Odar as a major international genre talent.

Day of the Dead

Zombies rule the world, except for a small group of scientists and military personnel who reside in an underground bunker in Florida. The scientists are using the undead in gruesome experiments; much to the chagrin of the military. Finally the military finds that their men have been used in the scientists’ experiments, and banish the scientists to the caves that house the Living Dead. Unfortunately, the zombies from above ground have made their way into the bunker.

Inner Demon

In Ursula Dabrowsky’s twist-filled thriller, a teenage girl must fight for survival when she’s kidnapped by an evil psychopath couple with a taste for torment. Samantha soon manages to escape into the woods where she stumbles into a secluded home. But Sam’s story, and her long night of terror, is far from over. This house belongs to someone she’s already met, and there may be another resident living there– one who’s not exactly flesh and blood. Nobody does brutal crime thrillers better than Australia, and this seriously scary story is no exception to that rule.

The Alchemist Cookbook

Sean is an outcast living in a trailer in the middle of the woods, where he spends his days conducting bizarre alchemical experiments he finds in a black book with ancient symbols on the cover. But when Sean grows frustrated with his lack of results, he summons a demon to help speed up the process. Of course, there’s always a reckoning, and Sean may not be able to avoid paying up. Joel Potrykus’ indie-arthouse slow burn horror tale features a virtuosic lead performance by Ty Hickson and plenty of creepy moments that will stay in your head long after the credits roll.

The Burrowers

After a family of settlers in the Wild West goes missing, their neighbors assume they’ve been taken by American Indians and form a search party to bring them back. But the group soon realize that their real enemies aren’t warriors hiding in the trees, but monstrous worm-like creatures who burrow underground and bury their victims alive before eating them. For his fourth feature, director J.T. Petty (S&MAN) carved out his own unique subgenre: the horror Western, wisely treating the set-up with deadly seriousness instead of turning it into camp or parody.

You’re So Cool Brewster!

Thirty years after the unlikely success of the cult vampire-horror hit FRIGHT NIGHT, documentarian Chris Griffiths and director Tom Holland teamed up to direct and produce this supersized study of the thriller and its sequel. Loaded with fascinating details from start to finish, the horror doc traces both films from inception to release and explores why they continue to resonate with horror audiences. Featuring interviews with cast members William Ragsdale, Chris Sarandon, Amanda Bearse, directors Holland and Tommy Lee Wallace and many more, it’s a must-see for any fan of the franchise.

Blue Sunshine

When a seemingly ordinary guy at a party suddenly goes berserk and starts slaying the other guests, a man named Jerry (Zalman King) is falsely accused of the crime. Thrust into a classic Hitchcockian “wrong man” scenario, Jerry investigates a series of similar murders where ordinary people become instant homicidal maniacs, hoping to find out what’s really going on before the cops catch him. Might it have something to do with a very potent strain of LSD all the killers took in the swinging ‘60s? D.A.R.E. films were never half as scary as Jeff Lieberman’s beloved ‘70s cult classic.

Child Eater

It’s a typical night of babysitting little Lucas – tuck him in, turn on his nightlight, check the closet for the boogeyman. Helen convinces Lucas it’s safe to close his eyes and drift off to sleep, but little does she know, the legend of the local child eater is as real as ever, and it’s up to her to protect Lucas from the maniacal and murderous Robert Bowery.

Among the Living

In the grisly third feature from Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury (the duo behind French carnage breakout INSIDE), three boys skip school to wander around an abandoned film studio. Bad move. The trio soon stumble upon a horrific vision: a woman in chains being dragged by a man in a clown mask. Evil Bozo catches a glimpse of the boys, who try to run away. But, before they can escape, they see something hidden for years – which they were not meant to see. That night someone breaks into their homes, seeking to eliminate them…one after another. A SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE. Contains violence and gore.

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