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‘Wyrmwood’ and ‘Daemonrunner’ Co-Creator Tristan Roache-Turner Talks ‘Wyrmwood’ TV and R-Rated ‘Ghostbusters’, Which Would Likely Terrify Sony

Wyrmwood Creators The Roache-Turner Brothers The Roache-Turner Brothers

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead was one of those rare zombie flicks that emerges as an endearing piece of film. Monetary issues are a breeze to ignore because the story transcends budget in general. It’s too good to lower oneself into dismissing the picture because it didn’t cost $200 million to get made.

While the growing Wyrmwood franchise may be what the Roache-Turner brothers are focused on first and foremost, the new short film they recently released, Daemonrunner (you can check out our review here) is such a high octane, memorable little short film with all the potential (you’ve got to see the special effects and creature designs) in the world to expand, that it’s hard not to hope they take a Wyrmwood vacation soon and get to work on a feature length rendition of Daemonrunner. It’s a mesmerizing slice of celluloid, and it could win crowds over as its own stand-alone film, or it could possibly change the entire trajectory of Tristan and brother, Kiah Roache-Turner’s careers should someone at Sony say, these are the guys we need to revive this Ghostbusters franchise.

No matter where this business takes the Roache-Turner brothers, we’ll be following and cheering. These guys have genuine and expansive knowledge and skill. The future looks bright to say the least, but don’t take my word for it: Check out what Tristan had to say about the ever-growing Wyrmwood brand and a potential trip into the world of the Ghostbusters universe.

Addicted to Horror Movies: Daemonrunner has an obvious Ghostbusters vibe, and your Youtube page even describes it as a cross between Ghostbusters and The Matrix – how big of an influence was Ghostbusters?

Tristan Roache-Turner: I grew up with Ghostbusters and am a massive fan of the franchise. Dr Venkman is one of my all-time favourite comedy/horror characters. Bill Murray’s the man! It’s definitely an influencer on how to mix in awesomely original sci-fi elements with some good solid scares and of course, the most important in the mix, a few good chuckles..

ATHM: With all due respect to Paul Feig, he doesn’t seem like he was the right choice to helm the recent Ghostbusters reboot. After seeing Daemonrunner, I think it’s clear that you and Kiah gave the world a taste of what a good, scary and humorous rendition of the film might potentially look like. If you were given the opportunity to spearhead a new Ghostbusters picture, is that something you’d be on board for?

TRT: Man, he’s one of the funniest directors out there, he killed it with Bridesmaids and Parks and Rec, and I thought the reboot had some really cool bits in it. We’d relish the opportunity to do a Ghostbusters picture or spin-off, and we’d be looking to bring a bit more absolute savagery for sure, though an R+ rated Ghostbusters is prob not what the financiers are all about. Who knows, it could really hit though!

ATHM: Let’s now say that no Ghostbusters door opens, but you’ve obviously got a – thus far – very well-received short film on your hands that looks like it has enough meat developing around the bone to turn it into a feature length film. Is that an avenue you’re at all interested in pursuing, or are you content to let this story live as a short film, exclusively?

TRT: Watch this space my friend 🙂

ATHM: If you did indeed decide to transform Daemonrunner into something larger, is that something that maybe you’d turn to fans to help fund, via an outlet like Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

TRT: See above.

ATHM: Switching gears a bit before I eat up all of your time, I wanted to touch down on Wyrmwood real quick here. It seems as though you guys are really working to transform Wyrmwood into a full-blown, grand scope franchise. Is that the ultimate goal?

TRT: That sir, is indeed the ultimate goal. We’ve got a TV Series in development that is narratively a direct follow on from the original feature, and we’re in talks with a few gaming developers hashing out some ideas for a video game. I love PS4 and can envisage Wyrmwood as a totally badass hack and slash crossed with first person shooter.

ATHM: Where are you two at with Wyrmwood, as of now? Are you working on one certain project in specific? Are you juggling different projects within that world?

TRT: In the Wyrmwood world, the TV Series is our numero uno project and I’ll let you know that this series will happen.. and it will be AWESOME!

ATHM: Thank you for the time. I really appreciate it, and I just have to say that I’d love to see you guys tackle a new Ghostbusters film, but I’d also love to see Daemonrunner become something all its own. So, I hope you guys really pursue that core idea, one way or another. There’s a reason why the fans are starting to really talk about the picture. That’s the kind of stuff we fanatics really want to see, so, please, don’t leave us hanging too long – I think a lot of us are already prepared to get behind you, especially if crowd-funding is a path you choose to take!

TRT: My man! thanks so much! it’s been really fun answering these Q’s and again, 1000% really appreciate your article the other day. So lovely to read such positivity mate : )

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