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The 25 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Streaming

15. Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Tucker & Dale vs Evil has been available to the masses for a solid half decade. But it’s one of those films – it has and always will remind me of Raimi’s Evil Dead movies – that really sticks to you. It’s good for a number of viewings and neither the humor nor the gore ever seem to get old. In 15 or 20 years people will recognize this as a bona fide classic, and for good readon. May as well jump in the mix now, if you haven’t already!

14. Backtrack

Adrien Brody delivers another head turning performance in what proves to be an emotional piece of work. The narrative is sharp and the mood of the picture mirrors the contents of the script. Brody truly is great in the film (when is he not, honestly?), and while this is nowhere near frightening, it is memorable.

13. Stake Land

Hands down one of the greatest vampire films released in the last decade, Stake Land juggles a lot of character exploration with a lot of post-apocalyptic fear and erraticism. That makes for a film that keeps you guessing while breaking the traditional molds established by most vampire films. This is a great indie picture with a number of stupid good scenes.

12. Housebound

Loaded with some of the finest humor I’ve seen in the last few years, Housebound delivers plenty of twists while maintaining an eerie vibe. That’s particularly relevant because of the homerun humor. Watching Morgana O’Reilly work physical humor to perfection is a sight to see. She’ll have you cracking up with nothing more than a facial expression. It’s a special talent and overall, a special film.

11. The Babadook

The Babadook has earned a ton of praise and a ton of hate. The praise stems from the quality of the film, the hate stems from the unnecessary praise from fanboys. We all get a little tired of hearing how great something is. So, I’ll stop typing and tell you quite simply this: if you haven’t seen it, watch it.

10. Event Horizon

It could be argued that outside of the Alien franchise, this is the greatest outer space horror movie in existence. It’s extremely creepy, and it’s extremely well-shot. This is one of Paul W.S. Anderson’s earlier and strongest films, and unlike the Resident Evil franchise, Anderson showed an ability to stick strictly to horror even in a sci-fi setting, which sadly isn’t the case anymore… which you know if you’ve seen the last three Resident Evil films.

9. Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World

If you’re not a fan of Alien, and you’re not a fan of documentaries, you can comfortably skip this one without missing too much. If you do love Alien, and you are a fan of documentaries, this is must-see material. The film offers some great retrospective thoughts and a deeper look into the mind of Giger that – to my knowledge – has never been explored in such thorough fashion.

8. Penny Dreadful Season 1 & 2

I’m still hurt by Showtime’s decision to pull the plug on Penny Dreadful. The series is a gorgeous nod to Universal monsters and the series itself hadn’t run its course by the conclusion of the third and final season. There’re still plenty of strong story options here, and maybe we’ll be lucky enough to one day learn that this show was one of the few to warrant a return (a la The X-Files) after a lengthy hiatus.

7. Curse of Chucky

Arguably the greatest film in the Child’s Play franchise, Curse of Chucky disposes with the goofy, over the top humor and takes things back to the dark, hopeless roots of the inaugural franchise flick. That was a frightening film that made viewers feel as though the only true ending would no doubt be an ugly ending. Curse captures that vibe. And for the record, Fiona Dourif absolutely kills in this role!

6. The Pack

It seems no one has caught on to the genius of The Pack yet. Few discuss the film, few know what film you’re discussing when you discuss the film. That’s a shame, because this is an awesome, tension filled feature that successfully makes a pack of wild dogs quite frightening. If you’re a fan of Cujo, check this one out. There are obvious differences, but the core concept – being trapped and helpless in a small location while a bloodthirsty dog circles your enclosure – is there and very enjoyable.

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