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Stephen King’s ‘It’ Fronting the Charge as Clowns Trend in Horror; 10 Scariest Clown Films in Existence

It’s been happening very quietly, but it’s been happening all the same. The landscape of horror is changing again, not only are paranormal/supernatural films the current roost ruler, werewolves and clowns are making respectable surges through the genre ranks.

We’re not here to talk the paranormal, and we’re not here to talk about the rash of recently released and generally wicked good werewolf flicks, either. We’re here to talk clowns, because although many of you may not have actually noticed this happening, clowns are enjoying their greatest genre run yet. There has, at no point in history, been a consistent stretch of years in which a handful of top notch clown flicks were released. If the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s It turns out to be a success story, that’s just an enormous punctuation mark on a low key but very relevant statement.

Clowns are climbing to the top of the mountain. They’re actually trending, for once.

The clowns surface every once in a while. It’s always been that way. Every five or 10 years a good clown movie comes along. But recently things have been very different. Recently, the clowns have been moving in on viewers like a pack of hungry wolves. I’ve noticed. I’ve also noticed that most of these clown movies are damn thrilling.

Let’s count down the 10 most terrifying clown films in history. Don’t be shocked by how many were released inside the last two decades.

Begin the Countdown of the 10 Most Terrifying Clown Movies in History

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