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‘Creep’ Director Officially Confirms Sequel and Possible ‘Creep’ Trilogy

Patrick Brice has officially confirmed what actor Mark Duplass recently did a little teasing about, hinting at a possible Creep sequel. Naturally, the horror community went nuts because, well, Creep is an amazing and profoundly jarring piece of work. A sequel sound more than okay in our book!

Speaking with The New Flesh Podcast, Brice opened up quite a bit, picking up where Duplass’ Tweet left off.

“There’s been no official announcement…I know we’ve been kind of hemming and hawwing about whether or not there was going to be a sequel to ‘Creep’, and it’s funny because Mark has alluded to it a couple times,” he tells the podcast, “but for some reason this tweet of him trying costumes on got picked up by Bloody Disgusting and then everyone started to report on it…

It’s out there now, and we better make a good movie.”

But all the Creep sequel talk has spawned more than interest in Creep 2, there have also been some active rumors that Brice would take his little beastly pic to the small screen for a season or two. Now that sounded like a shaky idea, and it seems Brice is pretty much in agreement, having already denied the claims before adding.

“Although that’s interesting and it’s something that’s been on the table at certain points for sure.”

Whatever happens with the franchise, we’re here to support 100-percent. The first film is one of the greatest found footage films you’ll find, and seeing where this one heads could prove very intriguing.

More as it comes!

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