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Groovy Bruce Will Continue his Deadite Slaying Ways in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season 3

Picture of horror series Ash vs Evil Dead

The Ash vs Evil Dead season two opener was nothing short of bloody brilliant. It had just about everything one could hope for from anything Evil Dead related. That means it’s stuffed full of insane creatures, punchlines, chainsaws, babes and body parts. It was also a hot enough episode to probably make the folks at Starz feel nice and comfortable when deciding whether or not to move forward with a third season of the popular series.

We’ve still got the bulk of season two to enjoy, but it is comforting to know that season three is officially a go, according to Starz. Thus far, I haven’t been let down by Ash vs Evil Dead.

Bruce Campbell, Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo and Lucy Lawless make up the series’ focal ensemble.

Ash vs Evil Dead airs on Sundays at 8pm EST on Starz.

Synopsis: 30 years after the events of Evil Dead, Ash is a loner, living a dull existence, still not able to come to grips with the events that started at the cabin. In the event of a deadite invasion Ash must attach his chainsaw and pick up his trusty boomstick one more time, all while finally coming to terms with his past.

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