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Video Proof of the Disastrous Behind-the-Scenes Morale of ‘Alien vs Predator: Requiem’

Just a week or so back I was having a discussion with a few Redditors about the shoddy production that eventually came to be known as Alien vs Predator: Requiem, or AVP:R. I was recounting the details of a video I’d seen some time back in which we get to see a lot of the frustration on the set… especially from a lighting tech.

Now, if you’ve seen the film, you know it is about as dark as the bowels of a sunken whale. There are quite literally stretches of time in which the screen is pitch black, the viewer completely unable to see details. And quite frankly, that sucked, because I think the idea of a hybrid alien/predator is awesome. It could actually look quite amazing, too… if only viewers could’ve see it.

But we couldn’t see it. Not even with all the TV setting adjustment tweaks in the world, you just can’t see the damn movie.

It had potential, and pulled a few brutal moves off, but how do you invest in a film that boasts little more than fleeting moments of greatness?

You can’t, really.

Well, this morning I stumbled upon that video I recently referenced, and yeah, it’s still the frustrating scene my memory told me it was. I can understand the high tension, as it seems that behind-the-scenes of the film, things just weren’t working in cohesive fashion. It’s a shame, as there truly was potential in that movie.

Watch the video below, you’ll clearly pick up on the aggravation experienced by some of the crew members.

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