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Sigourney Weaver Fights Aliens Again–with Neill Blomkamp

Neill Blomkamp, director of District 9, Elysium, and Chappie, has just released a short film called Rakka, starring genre favorite Sigourney Weaver. Blomkamp’s own company Oats Studios produced the film after Blomkamp’s project Alien 5 fell through.

Rakka is the tale of an apocalyptic Earth after a hostile alien takeover. Seems the baddies came, saw, conquered, and, not stopping there, even decorate national landmarks with rotting human bodies and practice brainwashing experiments. Our protagonists are fighters in the resistance movement, led by Jasper (Weaver, natch).


The film, running about 21 minutes long, is meant to be just the beginning of a longer film. Fans can help out by purchasing assets packs on Steam, which include concept art, scripts, and 3D models. Got 21 minutes? Check out Rakka below.


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2 Comments on Sigourney Weaver Fights Aliens Again–with Neill Blomkamp

  1. Die-hard sci-fi fan, so while I loved this short for its effects, style, acting and world-building, it really offered very little in terms of newness for the genre. I watched an Outer Limits episode the night before with a very similar plot called the Deprogrammers where humans have been enslaved by aliens who control them using reeducation camps.

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