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10 Ultraviolent Films That Shock to the Core

Martyrs (2008)

Seeing the recent American remake of Martyrs was such a saddening experience. What made Pascal Laugier’s initial film so special was not just character connectivity, or even technically refined performances (though they were pretty damn good!), it was the unknown. It was understanding that, at any given point in time, an eye-popping evil may surface, colliding with our fragile minds. Martyrs was all about pushing the envelope and emotionally taxing the viewer. It worked, to perfection.

Given the complexities of the story you won’t get much of a synopsis from me, but I won’t keep you completely closed and trapped in the dark: A troubled young woman returns to what appears to be a fine, comfortable family home. But our antihero isn’t buying into the facade, because she’s got a past in this residence, and no matter how many insist she’s crazy, she knows. This young woman is on a mission to brutalize the inhabitants of the home, just as they brutalized her years ago. But, is this even the right house?

Oh the mystery!

On a very serious note, the original Martyrs is a spellbinding film stuffed full of tangible depression, pent up rage and a fiery desire to exact revenge upon those who did a young girl terribly wrong. If you’re interesting in the sound of this, make sure you get your hands on the 2008 foreign film, not the recently released remake.

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