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VERSUS: 5 Dream Showdowns Between Horror Icons

Chucky vs. Sam




8 lbs.

Weapon of Choice: Anything Within Arms 5 inch Reach

Strengths: Stealth, Smooth Talker, Element of Surprise

Weaknesses: Fire, Chippers, Explosives




31 lbs.

Weapon of Choice: Still a Mystery

Strengths: Elusiveness, Attentiveness, Resourceful

Weaknesses: No Known Weaknesses

Ah, the mystery of this one! The big unknown factor is Sam and what, precisely, he’s capable of. It’s pretty evident that he’s capable of inciting some unparalleled acts of violence. But he’s so calm, quiet and unsuspecting, you know he’s hiding something, and he’s probably as dangerous as it gets.

In contrast you’ve got Chucky who can’t resist the urge to spew outlandish punchlines in the face of every single one of his victims and smile while admiring his own violent handiwork. He’s a bit of an attention whore, but like Sam, he’s damn dangerous and he seems to be operating on all cylinders while Sam could potentially be a little… slow, shall we say.

These two toe the line on Halloween night, just to improve Sam’s chances of victory, but Chucky was born for war on October 31st so maybe that’s a wash, anyway. Chucky’s a hard one to kill, while Sam has shown us not a single weakness. And that silence we’ve been referencing in regards to Sam? That’s all a ploy to get someone like Chucky to lower their guard, just long enough to afford Sam the chance to turn Chucky into a human PEZ Dispenser with that terrifying lollypop of his!


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