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VERSUS: 5 Dream Showdowns Between Horror Icons

Bonus: Ghostface vs. The Fisherman (AKA Ben Willis)


Just for fun, it seemed appropriate bringing the two most recognizable slasher icons of the mid to late 1990s together for a little duel. But doing so births some questions.

Is the Fisherman even really human? It kind of seems like there’s a little supernatural business surrounding that one. Not that it matters.

Both the Fisherman and Ghostface seem to respond as mere mortals might respond in wild situations, and since these two are basically responsible for jump-starting the slasher craze (Scream, far, far more so than I Know What You Did Last Summer) during a bleak time for the genre, it’d be cool to see them do battle just for the sake of nostalgia.

Bringing them together just means placing the story in a coastal town, and pure ego would likely be enough to ignite a feud. The Fisherman knows how to do some harm with a hook, but Ghostface is no slouch and that blade he’s carrying isn’t exactly dull. This one could be extremely close… but you know there’s always two Ghostfaces, so count on second string to intervene and bury a blade in the Fisherman’s temple very early on.

Ghostie’s always been a damned cheater.

What horror icons would you like to see do battle?

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