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True Horrors of Cinema: 8 Cursed Productions and Killer Movies

The Conjuring

It’s hard to buy into the idea of The Conjuring being a legitimately cursed production simply for the fact that James Wan has not only returned to the franchise, he’s launched a spin-off that already has a sequel headed our way!

However, for the sake of an entertaining read, and, of course, the possibility that The Conjuring could indeed be cursed, we’ve got to touch down on the info we have regarding this picture.

Warner Brothers has some pretty interesting production notes about this film. So interesting in fact, that maybe my quick dismissal was a little knee-jerk in nature.

Apparently screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes would make regular calls to paranormal investigator, Lorraine Warren to talk case details. Those calls were frequently interrupted by mysterious static interference, and those calls often ended with the line going dead. Paranormal? Maybe. Maybe not.

Lili Taylor played the role of Carolyn Perron, the actual wife and mother that endured a very real hell, long before Hollywood picked the ball up and ran with it. But Carolyn herself, unlike most of the others in the Perron family, refused to go anywhere near the film’s set. That didn’t ensure her safety.

One day, while the others from the Perron family were on set a strange cyclical wind kicked up, surrounding the family. It seemed to have no effect on anything else around them. However, at that moment in Atlanta, Carolyn reported feeling a strange presence and suffered a severe fall that left her hospitalized.

Just a few days later the cast and crew of The Conjuring were forced to evacuate their hotel when a fire broke out.

The Conjuring’s strange occurrences didn’t end there, especially not for James Wan and Vera Farmiga.

One evening, while working late hours, Wan experienced a strange occurrence in his office. His dog was keeping tabs on him that night, and something had him upset, growling at what appeared to be nothing. Wan picks up from there and expands on the experience.

“Then she did something even creepier,” Wan said. “She started tracking whatever she was staring at, which was nothing, across the room. I was freaked out. It was at that very moment I knew the story had gotten into my psyche and was really affecting me in a big way.”

And then there’s Vera Farmiga’s interesting experience, which involved her laptop. Farmiga, who portrays Lorraine Warren onscreen, claimed that she found the script so terrifying she would only read small portions at a time, and never at night. One day, after reading a bit of the script she closed her computer. When she reopened it, however, she discovered five claw marks in the screen.

“I don’t know how to explain it,” the actress said. “I do know I hadn’t dropped the computer, and my children hadn’t stepped on it. So I gingerly closed it, put it away, and then my brain just went berserk.”

To date, to my knowledge, no one involved in either production has passed under mysterious circumstances. So, we’ve at least got that positive note to keep in mind.

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