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True Horrors of Cinema: 8 Cursed Productions and Killer Movies

The Twilight Zone

We don’t hear too much about the curse of Twilight Zone: The Movie, and that’s probably a product of time. But believe this, there was something very not right surrounding the production, and Vic Morrow, in particular.

In the film, Morrow plays an enraged racist who’s forced to live life – in brief sequences – in the shoes of all those he hates, including the Vietcong. While shooting a scene in which Morrow’s character is running to save the life of a small Vietnamese child, an air mortar accidentally blew off the tail of a nearby helicopter. The tail crashed to the shallow river below where Morrow was filming. Two child actors – rumored to be illegally hired by producers – were killed in the accident, as was Morrow. Morrow was decapitated in the horrific mishap.

Things get just a bit stranger for this film. The film’s concept artist accidentally drew a downed helicopter in the middle of the river in his sketches, which, unbelievably proved to be precise foreshadowing of the events that transpired on July 23rd, 1982.

Adding to the insanity of the entire ordeal is the fact that Morrow himself took out a $5 million life insurance policy just one year prior to his death. Morrow, it seems, had a premonition that he would die in a helicopter crash.

Maybe there’s more to the Twilight Zone than we ever believed.

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