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The 10 Greatest Horror Movies of the 1990s

  1. Candyman

When I looked back through the nineties I couldn’t help but notice a distinct lack of horror icons, then I came to the Candyman. After a good hard face-palm as I realized I had overlooked one of the true greats. I wasted no time in re-watching it.

While the Candyman isn’t as fondly remembered as say Freddy or Jason, he is just as deadly and for my money in an all-out brawl he would wipe the floor with either of them. Adapted from the short Story The Forbidden from Clive Barker’s anthology The Book of Blood, Candyman stands alongside Hellraiser as one of the best adaptions of his work.

The plot is as such: after Grad student Helen Lyle begins an investigation into the legend of the Candyman a series of brutal murders lead her to believe that he might just be very real. Smart, charming, articulate, immortal, inhumanly strong and with an army of bees at his disposal Candyman isn’t the kind of killer you want to go messing around with. As he himself asks, “What is blood for, if not for spilling?”

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