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A Spoiler Filled Review and Recap of Stan’s Complete ‘Wolf Creek’ Series

Wolf Creek Episode 1

Episode one of the highly anticipated Wolf Creek mini-series starts with an alluring aerial shot, the dry terrain of the Outback looking infinitely less menacing than truth would have it. We segue from said aerial shot to home in on a traveling Winnebago that cries respectfully in The Hills Have Eyes’ direction.

Nice hat tip.

Inside are a mother, father, son and daughter. They’re a normal, happy-go-lucky troupe and they’re making the most of quality bonding time. They’re enjoying vacation, as they should be, but seeing as how this is a Wolf Creek story, they won’t be enjoying this vacation for any lengthy stretch.

As it turns out, this journey isn’t specifically about fun and games; the little lady of the group seems to have a drug problem, and mommy and daddy believe that getting their daughter away from the drug scene might lead to an optimistic and perhaps one day, entirely clean future.

They stop to swim in a small body of water and their youngest is damn near devoured by a gator. But there’s Mick Taylor, lurking off in the background, able to put a bullet in the monster before the monster consumes the boy.

Don’t ever listen to someone who tells you Mick isn’t a compassionate fella.

In moments, Mick cuts Dad’s throat and tosses a blade through mommy’s eyeballs before executing the young boy with the greatest of ease.

Okay, I take back that compassionate bit.

Back to the attack… Eve, the final surviving member of the Thorogood family almost escapes unscathed. That slick of a getaway isn’t happening in Mick’s world, though. Eve takes a bullet and later winds up in a hospital. Eve is all alone, but there’s a certain look in her eyes that suggests the inhabitance of something more, something alive and boiling within her spirit. Something angry and fueled by hatred. Something that might just be strong enough to completely alter her outlook on reality and the goals of her life.

The more we learn about Eve, the more our hearts melt. She could easily be pegged as a snotty teen with a disturbing sense of entitlement and a forked tongue. But she’s hurting, in a horrible way and her general inexperience in life has left her ill-equipped to properly handle the inevitable emotional landslide that accompanies a tragedy of such magnitude. It’s not a comfortable thing to see, especially when the performance of the protagonist – Lucy Fry in this instance – is jaw-dropping convincing.

Fry may be identified as something of a neophyte to some, but she’s already on the cusp of breaking out, which will obviously open a number of doors for her. We’ll see what kind of tricks she can pull from the sleeves once freed of hospital confines.

The final moments of the first episode sees Mick stumbling across another soon to be victim on a lonely stretch of highway. Meanwhile Eve’s been released from the hospital, an entirely new life goal now stretched out before her. She’s after Mick Taylor, and she’s going to find him, even if it means following her nose.

What a jarring launch point for this intense little mini-series. We see an absolutely ruthless attack on an unsuspecting family, and we see a young girl who had the world in her hands just a few days prior. Now that she’s managed to escape Mick Taylor’s (the only one, for the record) grasp, begun her recovery process and slowed the thinker a bit, she’s understanding how void of anything positive in this world is. Now she’s got nothing, and that’s a result of Mick’s actions. Actions she plans to create her own brand of justice for, in order to make this lunatic pay like he’s never paid in his life.

As depressing as it is eerie, I’m really hooked on Wolf Creek. The gore is still admirable, yet not as unnecessarily exploitative in its super graphic nature. The performers lined up for this exercise are smooth around the edges. This may be a simple tale of revenge, but it’s obvious after one single episode (that completely captures the essence and the look of the first two films) that there may be many previously unknown wrinkles of Taylor’s personality and story in which we’ll soon be exploring.

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