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A Spoiler Filled Review and Recap of Stan’s Complete ‘Wolf Creek’ Series

Wolf Creek Episode 3

Action gets underway, and we’re back in 2009. Two guys are just camping, relaxing. Minding their own. And then Mick appears out of nowhere to impale a man. It’s just a quick scene, but it’s a reminder of how gruesome this guy can be.

We cut away to live-time, where Eve is attacked by a weird bastard out in the middle of nowhere. He’s obviously determined to rape her, but she’s obviously determined to not let that happen. It takes her only a minute to get the dime on this guy, and she gives him a bullet to the leg when his arrogance and aggressiveness persists.

Hi, ho, hi, ho, it’s off to work she goes. Still hungry for a chance to ruin Mick the way he ruined her.

We see Eve breakdown in an amazing scene, not too deep into the episode. She begins by chopping away at her hair before letting out a primal scream. She frightened, she’s anxious, she’s enraged. Lucy Fry has some serious acting chops.

Just to really put the icing on the cake, she rushes to the aid of a man having a seizure. How do you not love this young beauty?

The interesting thing about the entire scenario is that it’s Eve who seems to have everyone nipping at her heels. Law enforcement, convicts and the always watching, Mick Taylor all want to get their hands on the woman. But this little lady won’t be captured with ease.

Almost exactly midway through the episode and Mick crosses paths with Eve. Eve realizes it, but Mick doesn’t. Of course Eve’s got some transportation problems, so their showdown will wait for the sixth episode.

The same officer we saw Eve assist in the earliest minutes of the episode is later seen behind the wheel, hauling a group of convicts he again seizes, this time crashing his vehicle. Overturned, it seems only one passenger manages to survive. Just the same, we’ve got one more player now in the mix, and it’s unclear if this man will make for a Mick Taylor victim, or – for whatever reason – look to take his aggression out on Eve?

We get an answer relatively quickly as the man stumbles upon Eve’s broke down ride. He collapses and she helps him get free of his binds. Could this be an unlikely ally? Eve could no doubt use any assistance available.

Doesn’t look like that’s happening. This guy just wants to get the hell out of dodge, away from everyone. Smart fellow!

The episode comes to a close after one of those hooligans (who mentions the fact that she ripped his mother off, a detail I completely neglected to mention) catches up with the girl. They’re in the desert, seemingly all alone. And you know this guy intends full and well to rape her. But again she proves more resilient than most give her credit for and she unleashes a slug in his belly.

Eve is gaining the experience she’s going to need if she does engage in warfare with Mick.

She’s also earning herself a whole lot of villains, which can’t be good in this desolate landscape.

All hell is about to break loose. After getting her van up and running Eve is on the move, and she’s under the impression that Mick isn’t necessarily aware of it. But seconds before the credits roll, Mick snipes Eve’s tires. And that showdown we’ve been discussing? It’s upon us!

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