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A Spoiler Filled Review and Recap of Stan’s Complete ‘Wolf Creek’ Series

Wolf Creek Episode 6

The finale finally arrives, and the long-anticipated showdown between Mick and Eve is going to be – if nothing else – mesmerizing.

Surprisingly, it isn’t Mick that makes the first major play for Eve. It’s the other way around. Eve’s means of obtaining the information she needs isn’t exactly ethical, but it doesn’t seem as though anyone in the Outback even has an understanding.

Eve learns that her nemesis owns an enormous piece of land known as Wolf Creek. So it’s off to Wolf Creek she heads. And as all of this occurs, we witness the birth of an amazing character. We’re seeing a scream queen being groomed right before our eyes. And she’s good at playing this game.

There’s an interesting slow burn shift the episode makes early on. For a fair stretch there isn’t much of anything happening between Eve and Mick. Instead, we’re given a look into Mick’s background like never before, between either of the two films or the five episodes preceding this conclusion. It’s pretty damn magnetic, the look into Mick’s past and all the pain he endured and inflicted. It’s no wonder Mick enjoys killing people, he’s as right in his head as George Bush Jr. I’d even go so far to say that if this man wasn’t out killing people, something even worse may be wrong with him.

By the way, the strange, almost telepathic spells that Eve experiences a time or to two leaves me a bit saddened. I don’t think this series needs to travel to paranormal lengths to keep it exciting. The formula as it stands works. Why tamper with it?

The hunt heads our way as the background gives way to a stunning sunset. It’s a suitable visual given the fact that we’re not sure Eve will survive this ordeal. Maybe she doesn’t ride off into the sunset, maybe she turns her back on the sunset and moves away from any blossoming future she might have had.

As the hunt continues we get some more supernatural silliness, this time in the form of children’s voices. We’re obviously left to decide whether that’s all in Eve’s head or if she is hearing these haunting sounds. To be honest, reading facial expressions, it looks a little like both.

At the 30 minute mark we see the first major face to face showdown between Mick and Eve It’s a standoff, until Eve finally snaps to it and hurls a sharpened spear at her enemy. It misses, but the way it sails through the air tells Mick it may not be the brightest thing to underestimate her. And just as I type those words, Mick ambushes Eve, tossing her around like a ragdoll. And then he makes a strange proposal: she can kill the cop, who’s still alive and dangling in a barn feet away from both Mick and Eve, and she can do it fast and as pain free as possible, or Mick can do it, nice and slow and tormenting.

It doesn’t really matter how the cop gets it, it’s all come down to Mick and Eve. Or so we believe.

Another surprise does await viewers, and it’s a solid surprise at that. While I won’t sit and spoil the entire show by unleashing the details of the final episode, but I will comment on how even it is, mixing tender, personal emotions and sadistic and taxing displays of violence. That’s a tough juggling trick, but it’s no doubt handled very well.

Final Thoughts

Wolf Creek could be called an up and down rollercoaster of an affair. I’ll confess in recognizing that the script was quite often a sketchy affair. I’ll also echo my disdain for the slight supernatural element that’s tossed in. It feels unnecessary and I don’t see it enhancing the series at all. But through those few cons, there are a great number of memorable qualities.

Lucy Fry may still be a kid, but she’s got all the potential in the world to shine, and John Jarratt plays the psychopath we know, even if his one-liners are thinned out a bit. There’re a couple small supporters that do a good job. All in all you can’t be mad at the cast, and, well, you can’t really be mad about anything. Even with a few production mishaps, and story fumbles, it’s still an awesome show and a surefire winner for fans of Mick Taylor and believable survivor girls.

Season One Rating: 4/5

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