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Barb of ‘Stranger Things’ and 12 Other Amazing Fan Favorite Characters Killed in Horror Movies

5 Randy – Scream 2

Wes Craven’s Scream was loaded with freakishly realistic characters. I was a sophomore or junior in high school when the film was released and I was immediately awe stricken, as I felt as though I was watching a glossy rendition of my own high school experience (sans the serial killer part) unravel on the screen before me. That was one of the film’s greatest successes: it nailed teenage – more specifically, high school – life like few other films have ever managed. Each character could’ve been a clone of the very people I spent the majority of my weeks with. In a way, it was almost creepy. But it was also beautiful to behold.

While every character in Sidney’s group of friends is memorable for one reason or another (I swear to you, Stu was my best friend and roommate, Tim – yes, we vacated our parents’ clutches prior to high school’s conclusion… which made us the “cool kids” for a year). Randy was the one character that mirrored myself. A horror freak, obsessed by everything macabre. Randy was a walking encyclopedia when it came to horror and that hit home. The fact that he was an awfully funny character with solid fashion preferences sealed the deal; Randy was the twin I never knew I had.

Randy spent the bulk of his screen time in the first Scream film entertaining everyone, drawing laughter in tense situations and dropping all sorts of noteworthy zingers. But in Scream 2, everything changed. Randy was still the Randy we all loved, but he also became the first member in the true focal lineup of protagonists to end up dead. While a portion of his extermination occurs off screen, we do get one final look at a bloodied buddy we all had in high school, and that sucked, with all capital letters.

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