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Barb of ‘Stranger Things’ and 12 Other Amazing Fan Favorite Characters Killed in Horror Movies

3 Dick Hallorann – The Shining

It’s been a number of years since I read Stephen King’s The Shining. However, if memory serves me correct, Dick Hallorann actually survives to see the final page (don’t quote me on that) of King’s groundbreaking novel. But with a madman like Jack Nicholson running around a Stanley Kubrick set, pretty much all bets were off, and everyone was fair game in the movie.

What makes this particular death so unsettling (some would say enraging) is that Dick wasn’t just the only person in the entire lineup to understand what little Danny Torrance was experiencing, he was also a completely pure player in the story. He was the hero that Wendy constantly attempted to be. But Hallorann had presence, and unlike the fragile Wendy, he had the size to potentially thwart some of Jack Torrance’s attacks.

But it would never matter, as the man, after sensing extreme danger for the Torrance family, returns to the hotel only to be ambushed by Jack, who hides in wait, ax in hand, fully prepared to deliver a death blow. And that he does. And with that death blow a number of hearts were split in two. Jack Torrance just killed Scatman – effin’ – Crothers. That’s like punching a one-way ticket to Hell.

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